Budapest: the hungarian pearl

Here is a new Blogpost in english about the hungarian capital: Budapest!

From Vienna to Barcelona:

Budapest, the hungarian capital has a lot to offer, its not just about great SPAs and historic thermal baths or Cafés:

churches like St. Michael at the top of the hill in Buda next to the castle or the Basilica of St. Stefan in the center of Pest, the neo-gothic parliarment (you can take a guided tour but you have to be early to get tickets, and don’t forget your passport), nice and modern clubs & restaurants, the Andrassy-street with all the famous designershops and the opera and a lot of museums of (modern) art – because of this it’s also called „Paris of the east“.

If you visit the city in wintertime consider that it will be very, very cold! Anyway, it’s beautiful to see everyting covered in snow and ice and you can go open-air-skating in the park or relaxing in one of the baths.

In summertime…

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Wien: Hunger? Flatschers!

IMG_20140605_224817Im schönen siebten Bezirk kann man vieles sehen und tun –  und vor allem findet man hier das hip-trendige, junge, gemütliche „Flatschers“. Eigentich gleich zwei davon, einmal die französische Variante „Flatschers Paris“ und einmal die american steakhouse Edition „Flatschers New York“. Der Name stammt traditionell vom Wirt Herrn Flatscher, der sich viel Mühe mit Kleinigkeiten und Akzenten gemacht hat: die Speisekarte ist ein gebundenes Buch, in dem man nicht nur Speisen und Getränke findet, sondern auch eine Erklärung der verschiedenen Fleischsorten, die zur Zubereitung verwendet werden oder die Geschichte des Wirts.


Low Budget: My top 5 places to go

English version:

From Vienna to Barcelona:

You want to travel with a minimum of budget?

You don’t ave to stay at home, in Europe there are a few places you can visit without spendig a lot of money!

For finding hostels or hotels i can recommend

My top 5 places to go in Europe:


  • its the smallest capital in Europe but it has a lot to offer: in the historical center you can find a lot of typical cafés and restaurants: you can have lunch or dinner or just a coffee for affordable prices
  • a lot of people go there on weekends from Vienna because of the nightlife, so it has to be something special and I bet its the prices
  • staying in a hostel is not necessary, you can afford an hotel for sure!

–> a 4* hotel on a weekend in july is actually cheaper than 100 Euro for a doubleroom


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Wien: Die Votivkirche

IMG_20140603_192636Die Votivkirche befindet sich direkt neben dem Gebäude der Hauptuniversität, vor ihr liegt ein Park, in dem sich bei schönem Wetter allerlei Studenten tummeln. Man hat hier sogar Wifi-Empfang! In den Cafés in dieser Gegend kann man für kleines Geld frühstücken oder mittagessen, da sich die Preise an die Studenten angepasst haben.


This church is located in the middle of Vienna, right next to the university building. In front of the church is a park where a lot of students relax during their break. Around this place are a lot of Cafés where you can have lunch for a small price, for example: Votivcafé, Stadtdkind, Café Francaise.

And if you have an edu-wifi-account you can use the university-wifi while relaxing in the park!